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Our Story - Our Family - Suuky

Suuky Porto: Our Story

Crafting Eco-Friendly Family Traditions

Founded by João Falley, this brand marries sustainability with family heritage, offering durable, natural fiber products for all.

Suuky Porto, helmed by João Falley and her husband Andreas, revolutionizes home textiles by blending ecological integrity with family tradition. Born from a need for high-quality, sustainable children's bedding, their brand now offers a full range of natural fiber garments.


Where Porto's Legacy Meets Sustainable Living

Embracing her roots, João grounded Suuky in Porto’s rich heritage, where old-world charm inspires timeless designs. The family's countryside retreat complements this urban tapestry, nurturing their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Crafted Traditions

Sustainable Future

Suuky combines durability, artisanal respect, and family ethos in its sustainable pieces, promoting ethical production and waste reduction for future generations.

Suuky - Ethical Elegance

Ethical Elegance

Each Suuky piece encapsulates the essence of durability, simplicity, and familial bonds. With deep respect for Portuguese artisanal heritage, the brand prioritizes ethical production. Their commitment to on-demand creation is a conscious effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability.



At the heart of Suuky lies a foundation built on intergenerational values. It's more than just a brand; it's a symbol of a sustainable way of life. The Falley family champions a deep reverence for the natural world.


Legacy Woven

This reverence is a legacy they are passing down to their children. João and Andreas Falley nurture the hope that their progeny will perpetuate this ethos of mindful living and creative integrity, continuing to forge Suuky's path as a beacon of eco-conscious craftsmanship.

Suuky Values

Timeless, Exquisite and Sustainability made in Portugal

Embodying Portuguese Quality, Elegance and Sustainability. Every step from design to distribution is handled meticulously, reflecting our ethos: Timeless, Exquisite and Sustainable.

João Falley - Suuky Founder - Desktop

"Our aim is to offer Timeless, sustainable Portuguese product that signifies quality and value."

João Falley - Suuky Founder