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Suuky's Commitments

Continuously improve the sustainability

From the very beginning, we've held ourselves to a standard of responsibility - to our family, to you and to the planet.

At Suuky, sustainability is a top priority. Our items are crafted with a small ecological footprint, and our methods are constantly advancing. Our production is certified and eco-friendly, with 100% electric clean energy from solar panels. We take great care to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and will stand the test of time.

Suuky Values

Our Values

Timeless, Exquisite and Sustainability made in Portugal

Embodying Portuguese Quality, Elegance and Sustainability. Every step from design to distribution is handled meticulously, reflecting our ethos: Timeless, Exquisite and Sustainable.

Suuky's world

From A to Z

suuky design João Falley

The design

Suuky designs seamlessly blend vintage aesthetics with sustainability. Our high-quality, durable pieces promote comfort and timeless elegance. With an aim to adorn both homes and individuals, our collections celebrate the joy of shared experiences and the importance of family.

Suuky Materials


Suuky epitomizes sustainability, choosing high-quality, natural materials made in Portugal. This commitment reflects our reverence for the environment and our aim to create timeless, long-lasting pieces that harmonize with both the wearer and the world around them.

Suuky Certifications & Know-How - Temasa

Certifications & Know-How

Our products are made in Textil do Marco (Temasa), a garment factory with 38 year experience. Temasa is 100% green energy self sufficient, with solar panels covering the 4000sqm roofs, and hold key sustainability certifications, such as OKOTEX, GOTS and GRS, and several others.

João Falley - Suuky Founder - Desktop

"Our aim is to offer Timeless, sustainable Portuguese product that signifies quality and value."

João Falley - Suuky Founder